Carraig Abhainn offers your family peace of mind

Carraig Abhainn

Student Accommodation

Carraig Abhainn Village consists of 38 modern, self-contained apartments each one accommodating four students. Everything you need for comfortable living is already provided. Just hang up your clothes and make your bed — you’re ready to start College life.
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At Carraig Abhainn, we understand that, as a parent/guardian, knowing that your son or daughter is making a smooth transition from school to college life is of utmost importance. Not only that, you want to know that they are living in a safe and secure environment with a community-feel.

Well, you can rest assured, at Carraig Abhainn, we put the welfare of our student residents first and do all that we can to make their stay as enjoyable and comfortable as possible. With 24/7 CCTV and security, a dedicated management and maintenance team, students in Carraig Abhainn can make the most of college life in a friendly and safe environment, while at the same time, enjoy their independence and become familiar with the responsibilities that come with young adulthood.

Please see our frequently asked questions section that you, as a parent/guardian, might find useful. Click Here

Carraig Abhainn does not provide contents cover for residents’ personal belongings. You should be able to extend your home insurance, usually at no additional cost, to cover their possessions under the “Items temporarily removed” section of your home insurance.

Occasional overnight guests are allowed in Carraig Abhainn, with the prior agreement of your son or daughter’s room-mates. At all times, residents are responsible for the behaviour of their guests and must ensure that they act appropriately, day or night. As above, anti-social behaviour is never tolerated, whether by residents or by their guests.

Carraig Abhainn does not impose a curfew on the young adults who live here, but all residents are reminded of their responsibilities towards the others who share their accommodation, and to the village as a whole. Habitual anti-social behaviour is never tolerated in Carraig Abhainn.

Each apartment has a mains-operated, regularly inspected and certified smoke alarm system. Carraig Abhainn is heated by efficient, safe, night-storage heaters, eliminating the risk of Carbon Monoxide poisoning. There is no gas or oil supply anywhere in Carraig Abhainn.

The Granting authorities do not make direct payments to Carraig Abhainn. It is the responsibility of each individual student to ensure their rent is paid on time and in full at the start of each billing period.

Carraig Abhainn is a secure gated community. The gates are operated using a keyfob system, with each fob personalised to a particular student; this allows us to determine who has opened the gates at a particular time, should this be necessary. Random security patrols occur at night, several times a week, with security personnel on site for periods of 2-4 hours. Additionally, the gates and common areas of the village are monitored by CCTV. These measures ensure that our residents feel safe and secure in their homes.
All of Carraig Abhainn’s apartments have their own private entrance with reinforced, double-locking front doors.

During the academic year, only registered students of Carlow IT and Carlow College are entitled to reside in Carraig Abhainn.

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